Le Loup et l'Agneau

Version Française

The Wolf and the Lamb

Le Loup et l’agneau

The strongest is always right.
We will prove it shortly
A Lamb was quenching it’s thirst
In a clear stream;
A starving Wolf suddently appears, looking for a meal,
Brought here by hunger.
« How dare you foul my water hole?
Said the Wolf full of righteous fury:
-You will be chastised for you temerity.
-Sire, replies the Lamb, Your Majesty
Need not be angry;
But rather consider
That I am drinking
More than twenty feet
Downstream from him;
Therefore in no way
Could I spoil his water.
-Oh, yes you do, growled the cruel beast;
And I heard that you spoke ill of me last year.
-How could I, if I were not yet born?
The Lamb persisted, I am still nursing.
If it were not you, then it must have been your brother.
-I don’t have any. -Then it was one of your lot;
Because you are always pestering me,
You, your shepherds and your dogs.
So I have been told: I must avenge myself. »
With that, deep in the forest,
The Wolf carried off the Lamb, and ate it,
Without further ado.


Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695)

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